Yes, it is wise to follow the system but there will always be times that it may be wiser to go against it. Don’t forget that there are multiple algorithms all looking at different things, Scotty Picks is just one of them, Scotty’s long shot is another, Win % is another, 12 different algorithms are running the Ticket Generator as well. At times we can see correlations and sometimes we can’t. Don’t forget that none of the AI looks at trip and pace, this is something that a handicapper must assess and determine if the system is not accounting for something.

We never wanted to build something that you have to follow 100% of the time, then we would just be an AI tout service. We wanted to empower the user by keeping this subjective, save them time, give them valuable data to make quick decisions and have fun while doing it.

This is why you may see me go against the my top pick at times. As one uses the system more, they will learn when to do this and when not to. Many times I've gone against my top pick, top win% or long shot horse and it came back to bite me. EquinEdge is just a tool, you are the one who makes the final decision.

When we say "trust the system", we don’t mean to just blindly play the Scotty top pick, top win % or exactly what the ticket generator gave you. We mean trust the logic behind having multiple AI algorithms that can show you correlations or show you that this is tough because there aren’t many correlations. For example, when the win %s are very close or the top win % doesn’t agree with Scotty’s top pick or the ticket generator, the system is telling you that this is anyone’s race and that is what we must trust.

Overall there is no right or wrong way to use the system, but whomever interprets/processes the information correctly without completely going away from what the metrics are telling us will most likely have a good day.

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